• Film Festival UK

    This website will give details of and contact numbers for film festivals occurring in the UK and Ireland

This website is dedicated to providing you with all the latest information about the Penance Film Festival and other film festivals across the UK. You will also find contact details for independent film companies, production companies, and other organisations working to further British film, including: the British Film Institute, Channel 4 and the British Film Commission.


Our aim is to help you keep up to date with all that is new in British movie-making and also provide a directory of important contacts within the industry. This information can be used by movie buffs, budding film crews and even those with just a passing interest. An important recent development for the film industry has been the rise of local, regional and national film festivals, which allow groups of movie lovers to get together and share their passion and their ideas. In many cases these festivals are so popular that they out-do the more traditional music festivals that have been running for generations.
This brings hope to those who seek to retain the important cultural aspects of film and the common bond that a love of film fosters when movie fans get together.