The British Film Commission are a government agency offering funding at a national and regional level to producers and production companies that make films in the United Kingdom. They can be contacted by telephone on 020 7613 7675, email at, or on their Twitter handle @filmin UK_bfc.

The task of promoting International film making in the UK while supporting British film institutions and encouraging growth in the industry is spearheaded by the British Film Commission. They also have offices in the United States and do much work to promote British film projects on the other side of the Atlantic. Although they have an international focus much of their work involved promoting and supporting regional film development including building film studios, encouraging investment and providing networking opportunities at a local and national level. the work at grassroots level provides the opportunity for International movie companies to set their films in the UK and employ British actors and directors.

Their website has a comprehensive list of screen locations and also provides practical support to both British and international film production companies, for more information see their Filming Support Page. This will give you the contact details of regional and national agencies that can support you in your movie making endeavours.

The British Film Commission also provide information to productions companies about the process of applying for tax relief and will support the application process.

Contact the British Film Commission UK offices on 020 7613 7675.

Or in the USA phone +1 310 843 2909.