On this page we provide telephone contact details for a range of online movie providers from which you can purchase or rent films. We have focused on the main customer service numbers if you require numbers such as technical support, payments, or sales then you can look at the relevant company’s page. Featured companies include Amazon, Youtube, Google Play and Sky.


The main Amazon customer service phone number is 0800 279 7234, dial this to contact Amazon concerning an Amazon Video order. It can also be used to cancel an Amazon video order within 14 days of purchase if you are dissatisfied with your purchase due to streaming or difficulties in downloading.


YouTube are another popular option for renting or purchasing your movies, if you experience any technical problems when uploading a video then contact their customer service team on 0207 031 3000 *.

*Note that YouTube is owned by Google and technical support for YouTube user can be accessed at the Google headquarters in London on this number.

Google Play

Phone Google Play on 0800 328 6081 for technical support regarding movie downloads, to request refunds, or to enquire about movie release dates.

Sky Cinema

Customers who experience problems with products purchased on the Sky Cinema section of the Sky website can phone 0800 151 2747.