The Dartmouth Films head office is located in Somerset House head office next to Kings College London and can be contacted on 020 7845 5857.

Dartmouth Films

Dartmouth Films are a UK film production company specialising in making hard-hitting documentaries through a network of directors who they help promote and fund via crowd funding, investments and assistance with applications for UK Government film grants. The company have a huge library of successful documentaries, many of which have appeared on major UK television networks. John Pilger, a Dartmouth Films director, won much critical acclaim for his 2016 documentary ‘The Coming War on China,’ which served as a warning to the world that China and the US are on a dangerous road towards war.

Another hard-hitting topic was explored in 2017 when directors Mark Pizzey and Will Francome directed The Penalty in partnership with Amnesty International and Dartmouth Films. The movie was featured in London’s East End Film Festival in June 2017. If you would like to find out more about movies produced by Dartmouth Films then visit their website.


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