Get in contact with Roast Beef Productions by phoning them at their Denmark Street London Offices on 020 7240 2885.


Roast Beef Productions are a documentary film production team who have won several national and international awards at the Academy Awards, the Sundance Film Festival, and the Emmmys for world famous films including: The Russian Woodpecker, The Do Gooders, and Pussy Riot – A Punk Prayer Aka Show Trial. Their most famous producer is Mike Lerner who in 2012 was nominated for an Oscar for his 2011 movie Hell and Back Again about a sergeant who returns from the war in Afghanistan with a physical injury and mental trauma. Roast Beef Productions are famous for making international documentaries with unusual and varied subjects. They are certainly one of the productions teams to look out for on TV and the big screen in the coming years.


Contact Roast Beef Productions

Phone Roast Beef Productions at their Denmark Street offices in London if you would like to pitch an idea for a documentary idea to them or if you would like to ask them about their body of work. Their telephone number is 020 7240 2885.

Alternatively you can contact them by email on: